Reviewers' Reward Program:

The Reviewers' Reward Program [RRP] is a reward program piloted for several months in 2003. The original program was a monthly raffle established to reward customers to provide feedback. At the end of each month, the names of everyone who posted comments on our products listed on RPGnow would be collected. From that pool, one name was randomly selected and the named individual received a free complimentary copy of any individual ARP PDF listed at RPGnow.

This time around, the Reviewers' Reward Program is back and bigger than ever. Several publishers have banded together, allowing us to offer a far wider range of products as rewards. Each publisher will hold a separate drawing to reward the consumers providing feedback for that publisher's products.

  1. You are required to post a detailed review to qualify. It is important to note we chose to use "detailed" rather than "good" as a descriptor. Whether your opinion of a product is good or bad, we would like to know why. We want the reasons, the thinking behind your decision as to whether our product is good or bad. We want to reward anyone who writes an intelligent review, whether the overall opinion is good or bad. Here on out, these detailed comments will be referred to as "qualified comments."
  2. Qualified comments must be posted by a minimum of two individuals in a given month, otherwise the single poster's name will be cycled over to the next month's drawing.
  3. The reward is limited to individual products, not bundles. Charity products are also excluded as reward selections.
  4. Consumers can post comments for multiple products in any given month, resulting in multiple entries into the monthly drawings.
  5. Each qualified review is counted as a single an entry into the raffle for the publisher of the reviewed product only. You may review products from multiple participating publishers, granting you eligibility in multiple monthly drawings.
  6. Participating publishers are not responsible for notification or delivery failures that may result due to spam filters or email opt-out settings on RPGnow accounts. We will keep a list of reward recipients available on our website in an effort to minimize this problem. The first winners will be posted to this list in early November, 2005.
  7. Participating publishers will conduct their drawings for the previous month's entries during the first week of each month.
  8. Solicited reviews ( examples include RPGnow staff reviews, and in the future comped reviews on EnWorld and are ineligible for this program.

The program also recognizes that how generously a company rewards its consumer patrons is in part a function of the company's retail success. Some can be more generous than others. So to this, we add the Fudges, little nuances that bend the rules specific for each participating publisher's drawings. After all, what are roleplaying games without fudging the rules once in awhile?

The Fudges

In addition, Bards and Sages is offering an "extra special fudge" in the form of an additional inaugural raffle. If Bards and Sages records 100 or more qualified comments between 1 October 2005 and 30 November 2005, the company will hold a drawing to award 1.5 pounds of Gourmet Fudge (or other item of up to $25 in value) from Swiss Colony. The winner of the free fudge will be announced on 2 December 2005. The winner will be responsible for providing a valid mailing address for prizes. Bards and Sages does not guarantee delivery by a specific date. Bards and Sages is not associated with Swiss Colony and will not be held responsible for issues brought about by receiving the product.

Reviewers' Reward Program � of Alternate Realities Publications
Reviewers' Reward Program � Alternate Realities Publication, 2003, 2005.