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Lost Destinations: West Milford

There are places in this world that are abandoned, destinations lost to the annals of time. Invariably, these places drove their inhabitants away for one reason or another and have since become freakish wrecks of their former selves, surround by strange tales and urban legends. You know these places. They are always described with phrases like "a truth stranger than fiction". These lost destinations, their myths, and the truths behind them are the focus of this book series, Lost Destinations.
This volume focuses on Township of West Milford, NJ, the epicenter for all that is freakishly strange in the state of New Jersey. The town is full of oddities, many worth mentioning, some not. It is home to a small housing development in which Satanists supposedly killed all the residents in the 1980's. It is home to a dark, winding road plagued by cults and hate mongers, serial killers, strange ruins, and even its own particular breed of hellhounds. It is home to a strange metal tree sprouted in the middle of the woods. It is home to the crashed remains of a military jet that some say was never manufactured. This and more plague this 80 square mile township nestled in the mountainous highlands of northwestern New Jersey.
Lost Destinations: West Milford is a 56 page book, describing numerous oddities in the township, along with their associated rumors and stories. We even include details on visiting these sites yourself, from providing directions, to instructions on getting the necessary passes to legally visit many of the sites as a hiker, to ettiquette for keeping yourself out of trouble when you go. Also included are two new incantations and five monsters.

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Lost Destinations: Jackson House

In this volume of the series, we explore a lost treasure of New Jersey, one of the state's better known haunted houses. Located in Jackson, NJ, this infamous abandoned home has had no less than five recurring paranormal incidents associated with it, several of which were very unusual. Unfortunately, the house was the victim of arson in the spring of 2003 and finally demolished by the town a year later. All is not lost, however, as we have reconstructed the home from photographs and memory, along with the bone-chilling tales associated with it.

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Lost Destinations: He Who Haunts the Barrens

Being based in New Jersey, how could we not produce a book about the state's best known spook, the Jersey Devil. With a history spanning back to colonial times (or about one full millenium, according to the native Lenape indians), the Jersey Devil is a tale irresistibly entwined with the state's history. Additionally, there are a number of sites around the state that are strongly connected with the Jersey Devil as well, all of which are covered here in this book.

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Lost Destinations: Silos

As with virtually every state in the Union, New Jersey has its share of abandoned military facilities, primarily from old air defense and ABM systems like the NIKE and BOMARC. In fact, one BOMARC facility outside Atlantic City is the site of the military's worst radiological accident, where a missile caught fire, melted its warhead, and the effort to extinguish the fire contaminated a wide area of land with plutonium. We will be covering these, as well as a number of other types of abandoned missile facilities around the country.

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Lost Destinations: Monstrous Myths of New Jersey

While NJ is best known for being haunted by the Jersey Devil, it is by no means the only spook in the state.We've also got hellhounds running on many streets, the Big Red Eye, the Hookerman Ghost, the White Stag of Shamong, the Cape May sea monster, and many more. We'll also look into places around the state that helped spawn the classic horror movies Jaws and Friday the 13th.

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Lost Destinations: Bell Witch

We proudly present our first product dedicated to something outside New Jersey! This product delves into the legend of the Bell Witch, said to be a malevolent spirit of a woman done wrong by a local family more than 200 years ago. Since then, this witchly ghost has wreaked havoc upon that family and its descendants living in the Tennessee/Mississippi border area.

"Fear can be headier than whisky, once a man has acquired the taste for it" --Donald Downes, author.


Lost Destinations is a new line of gaming supplements, documenting for your games the many strange places of the real world; everything from haunted homes and towns to abandoned military facilities to strange regional legends. Like Big Bang, this series bridges the gap between gaming material and coffee table book. Each book will detail locations sufficiently as to serve a secondary purpose as a travel guide, the anecdotal horror and ghost stories accompanying them, and finally finish by suggesting ways to use the subject matter as gaming material. An unusual feature of the series is the availability of two different print editions. A cheaper black & white mass media version is available in print, while a full color coffee table version is also produced for direct sales only. Of course, PDF editions provide the full color edition's contents.

The first book of the series, Lost Destinations: West Milford, covers an entire township in northern New Jersey, considered to be the epicenter of weirdness in the state. The second volume, Lost Destinations: Jackson House, focuses on a single building, the now gone but still infamous Jackson House, which was one of the better known haunted houses in New Jersey. Future volumes will focus in the monstrous legends of New Jersey, as well as abandoned military facilities.

As I am sure you have noticed, the Lost Destinations series as listed obviously has a focus on the state of New Jersey. This is because the series relies on regional writers. Our current series author lives in New Jersey, and thus can only truly offer us a detailed look into that state, as well as bordering areas in the neighboring and nearby states of Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania.

To this end, Alternate Realities Publications is keeping its door open to accept basic proposals for the series for consideration. Proposals should include a list of sites to be details, brief notes on why the site is interesting, and most importantly, the authors must demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the Lost Destinations series in general.

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